Emilio & Diego Navaira Go Big: Abroad W/ Sting And At Home

San Antonio, Tx – Emilio and Diego Navaira are hard to track down. For the last few months the two  have been jetting around the world with their latest project, The Last Bandoleros, opening for none other than Sting on his 57th  & 9th tour.

Of course you know the brothers from their already successful band, Ready Revolution. RR has been making music and touring since 2011, with it’s current line up of Diego (lead/guitar), Emilio (vocals, guitar), Shane Gamboa (bass). Matt Zaval (guitar), and Kevin Diaz de Leon (drums) going strong since 2013. The group brings the power of the standard,  piercing sound of classic rock and roll with the spirit of a love-strong millenial. Ready Revolution is the Navaira Brothers’ baby, but a few years ago they were blessed with a “happy accident,” said Diego.

During a standard songwriting practice, Diego, Emilio, and their friend, Jerry Fuentes, wrote “Where Do You Go?“, which would end up being the first Last Bandoleros hit.

“Shortly after that Jerry brought his roommate, Derek James, into the mix and we wrote and recorded a whole album in their Brooklyn basement,” chuckled Diego.

Emilio, who switched to drums for the group, says, “Last Bandoleros music is Texas flavor. It’s a mix of rock n roll, pop, country and tejano. Pretty much if you go to market square in downtown San Antonio stand in the center and listen to every band playing down there at the same time you get what we hope to create.”

It wasn’t long after their start that they were signed by Cherry Tree Management, the same group that manages Sting. And in December of 2014 Bandoleros Manager, Martin Kierszenbaum, sent the group to meet The Police alum himself at his Broadway show, The Last Ship. The meeting was brief, but a year later lead to The Last Bandoleros performing together with Sting at places like the NBA All Star Game half-time show and the American Music Awards. The boys’ talent had been proven, and at the beginning of 2017, The Last Bandoleros joined Sting for his 57th and 9th tour around the world.

The Navaira brothers had been touring since childhood with their father, Tejano legend, Emilio Navaira, as well as their current band, Ready Revolution, but this was a chance to hit the global market. From being able to play in the beautiful Brussels to having an extended stop in London, the boys reflect on the opportunities this adventure has given them. Including, but not limited to, being able to walk the halls of Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles famously recorded. Diego remembers he was “speechless being in the same room where some of [his] favorite musicians created.”

“I feel so blessed to be able to tour the world and bring Texas flavored music to all parts of the world. Sting is an amazing musician, a generous human and a friend,” gushed Emilio. But despite The Last Bandoleros’ success, it is important to the brothers to also push Ready Revolution forward.

“Nine times out of then when we sit down to write a song it ends up being a Ready Revolution song,” admits Diego, “it’s always a part of our DNA.”

Emilio puts it simply, “It’s what I am. Ready Revolution songs that I write are autobiographical, I could never stop writing and being in Ready Revolution. Plus Kevin, Matt and Shane are brothers to me and Diego.” The fans of RR are as dedicated to the boys as they are to them. To their “fans” (and I have feeling he’d prefer to call them friends) Diego humbly sends his thanks; “Thanks for listening, coming to shows, and if we haven’t met already, I hope we get to meet soon!”

Ready Revolution recently played at Jack’s Patio Bar with opener Fader Friend (who will be releasing their sophomore album, Dizzier, this summer). Check out photographs from the night below, and make sure to catch the Emilio and Diego with The Last Bandoleros on Sunday, April 30th, when they join La Dezz and Girl In A Coma for Festival De Cascarones at Texas A&M University – San Antonio! Free Admission, Free Parking, and the day is sponsored by Coors Light. Cheers!

All Photos Below By Wayne Holtz

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