Discovering More Art At The Jalapeno

This past friday I went furthur down the rabbit hole that is the San Antonio art scene by heading out to the Jalepeno art show at the High Wire Contemporary Art Gallery. The Art at the Jalapeno is a grassroots organization that started in July of 2009 and is inclusive of all art forms and artist levels. They are coming up on their 6th year of bringing art shows and events to San Antonio. They don’t charge any set up or jurying fees to participating artists. Their shows usually consist of local artists and their artworks, live painting, live body painting, live music, Blue Moon, local community and tons of good times. I was glad to discover this pocket of creativity when Angel Ayala, which is one of the organizers, messaged me on facebook after seeing my interview with artist Blue731. I am glad that I am meeting so many cool people through doing this blog. The event was awesome and it was very well organized. I can’t wait till the next one comes around. This whole scene will definitely be seeing more of me.