Street Artists On The South Side

I have been neglecting my blog because I have been so busy lately , but finally set aside some time today to write a little about what I have been up to. I am making a few videos about different artists right now that I will be putting out soon. I am changing up my video style to have more of a documentary feel and am having a lot more fun with that format, although editing takes more time.

The latest footage I recorded was of an artist named mauro @mmaaruchan on instagram. He told me to meet him on the south side where he was doing a wall with one of his friends @murdasumthin on instagram. The whole area felt very scummy and I loved it; that is the kind of feel I want to capture . I like when I am able to meet and learn about people who are part of sub-cultures that are sort of hidden or ignored. These guys are  legit I will probably be making more video with them. Mauro pitched me an idea for a cool concept that we plan on story boarding and shooting in the future. I also learned about a collective that is focused around street art and fashion that they call “HS” which stands for Human Sacrifices. It was all pretty cool and I will cover more of it in the video that I am currently making.

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  • Valerie Deenise

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