Artists Present At Local Exposure

San Antonio  – This past Thursday an art show called Local Exposure was organized by artist Defcon Cali. It was held at Brick at Blue Star. Many visual artists displayed their work and a number of hip hop artists and poets performed. 

I sat down with Defcon Cali for a second to ask what the show was all about. 

Defcon Cali (right)
Defcon Cali (right)

“Local exposure is all about not only being a musical artist, but having the eyes to see other types of artists; acrylic, oil paints, graffiti, pretty much anything. We are giving them an opportunity to put themselves out there. A lot of these artist are graduates of UTSA , Trinity, UT Austin, and even from up in Houston, They made it down here to display their art. The reason why I wanted to do this is because they are all independent artists.There is a lot of Machismo here in San Antonio so it’s kind of hard to put your work where you really want it without being “socially accepted.”

A lot of people, not to talk shit or anything, get stuck on their couch, they don’t want to step up and actually open up their minds and words. Everyone has a voice . This is one place that you can use it . You don’t have to be in some sort of hierarchy or group. We are all contemporary artists living an independent life.”

Unique Steffana
Artist Unique Steffana showing one of her paintings.


Painted live at the show by Unique Steffana





Rappers Kree and Cooley working the music


Luke Manuppelli aka Cooley performing his set




Artist Mauro shows some of his work
Artist Mauro Rangel shows some of his work


Artist OG Hentai drawing on stickers and displaying some of her work at a table.


Artist Samuel Velasquez displayed some of his amazing oil paintings


Oil paintings by Samuel Velasquez


Oil paintings by Samuel Velasquez


Artis W. David Lilley Jr. smokes his pipe outside while he waits for his paint to dry.


Amazing Water Color Paintings on display by W. David Lilley Jr.
Amazing Water Color Paintings on display by W. David Lilley Jr.


I shot some video as well and put together a small recap below: