Float Tanks: A New Health Trend In San Antonio

What does an NBA basketball player, a CEO, a Pilot, a musician, a professional poker player, and an actor all have in common?  They all walked into the newly opened Float in San Antonio to quite the mind for one hour inside of a sensory deprivation chamber. Athletes such as NBA MVP Steph Curry and Olympic medalist Carl Lewis (who used in-tank visualization techniques to prepare himself for his gold medal long jump at the 1988 Seoul Olympics) have been using Isolation tanks for decades but the luxury is now becoming more mainstream.
Owners Jeremy Jacob and Courtney Jacob
The young business owners are the definition of Texans, they got married and wanted to start a business making an honest living while helping others.  Jeremy and Courtney Jacob are good, kind and honest.  A lot of peoples energy was poured into this project creating a true family business.
Float uses chambers from the zero gravity institute in Austin
Float uses float tanks from the zero gravity institute in Austin
A sensory deprivation session can train the brain to create its own natural endorphin and dopamine, reducing cortisol, bring relief to PTSD, depression, benefit ADD, ADHD, headaches and inflammation.  It can help us reach our genius potential by helping the left brain work in conjunction with the right brain to bring harmony to the mind.


Inside the chamber through meditation one can reach Alpha and Theta frequencies which bring peace, tranquility and happiness.  As a child we function almost exclusively in the realms of Alpha and Theta,  it was natural to you,  you hadn’t yet learned how to be stressful, anxious, nervous or worried,  this frequency can exist only with a relaxed mind and body.
I personally have floated in a lot of chambers all over the US. Float San Antonio is by far the most high end,  its literally spotless clean. They aren’t cheap about a single tiny detail of the experience,  this is truly their baby and it shows.
This Christmas give the gift of a peace of mind and self-actualization to yourself or your loved ones.