Unestablished Turnout

This past Saturday I headed out to an event called Unestablished. It was a pretty unique event. Artists displayed their works, musicians performed, people danced, and little kids did cartwheels in the center of the room. It was a truely diverse crowd and the vibe was a mix of “trendy cool” and “family fun” which is sort of a hard and unusual vibe to pull off.


andrew medina artist
Andrew Medina, Artist and organizer of unestablished looking stylish in his bow-tie and suspenders.


I knew a couple of the featured artists from that street keepers photo group that I go to but wanted to meet the other artists that I didn’t know yet so I walked around the room looking for the people that created the cool works hanging on the walls. Here they are in some pictures below.


Cory Rodriguez displaying his street photography


Chris Garcia displaying his eccentric and surreal artwork. I personally really loved the giraffe .


Rene Amado displays his street style photography.


Domeinic Jimenez displays his original artwork


David Esquilin . I completely forgot to get a good shot of this artist before I left. Found a pic with him in the background though and cropped it.


There was also some great music at the event. I did not know any of the musical artists but looked them up online and they seem pretty cool.

Baby Aztro from Phree-Bass Sampulz


You can see a cool video by phree bass samples at http://vimeo.com/86444980

I found an article on these guys as well  here http://daruckus.com/phree-bass-sampulz-interview/


angelo chu
Angelo Chu spitting some rhymes


I must have missed out on one of the musical guests because I saw another name on the flyer but never saw them perform. You can find Chris Conde here https://www.facebook.com/chrisconde


In between the musical performances the DJs kept the vibe going while people socialized and looked at the art on the walls.

Eternal Djs
Eternal Djs


Word is that there will be a Unestablished part 2 so make sure you come out to the next one. This one was really cool.

If you are one of the artists and you are reading this feel free to send me links to all of your online presence and I will include links in this post. contact@spencercooley.com


  • Yo streetwear showed up at this event, that was so ill. This was a great event, great coverage man.