Boy George to Appear at the Tobin, August 3 and 4

Image courtesy of the Tobin Center

He’s a boxer, he’s a Buddhist. He’s been a heroin addict and a convict. He’s all this but mostly he’s a musician, and a great one at that.

When tickets for Boy George and Culture Club went on sale at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, they sold out the first day and a second concert was added.

The show will feature the original band (Boy George, lead vocals; Roy Hay, guitar and keyboards; Mikey Craig, bass guitar; and Jon Moss, drums and percussion), no wanna-bes or sound-alikes.

The Culture Club was so named for the variety of cultures in the band; a cross-dressing Irish singer, a black bassist, a Jewish drummer, and an ethnic Englishman.

Androgyny in the 1980s was hot. Liberace was still filling concert venues in Vegas. The New York Dolls, holdovers from the 70s, paved the way for the glam rock of the 80s. Freddie Mercury of Queen was one of the first to go. Recently, fans have lost David Bowie and Prince.

But Boy George is a survivor. This living legend will bring “Karma Chameleon” (top single in the United Kingdom in 1983), “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” (first hit in the U.S.), “Church of the Poison Mind” (love that screaming harmonica), and other hits to the H-E-B Performance Hall.

Visit the Tobin’s website for tickets to the August 4 performance.