Why I Started This Blog

Spencer Cooley
Spencer Cooley

Hello, for anyone that doesn’t know me my name is Spencer Cooley and I am a freelance web developer and designer living in San Antonio. I started this blog is so that I would have an excuse to meet every creative person in the city. I will mostly post about the cool people I meet and the events and places I discover.

When I first started flirting with the idea of doing this blog I went to a meetup about fashion. Fashion has absolutely nothing to do with what my mind is usually consumed by, which is technology and code, so I figured maybe some strange interesting stuff would happen if I met some people in the fashion community. I was curious if a fashion community even existed as well. I ended up going to a meetup called San Antonio Fashion Society  and that led to me meeting and collaborating with a number of people. Along with learning how to dress a little cooler, I met fashion designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. A designer I met even helped me jump start a vision I have for a line of luxury leather products. We just finished a prototype for a leather notebook cover. I also came across a group of bright people that run a site called style lush tv , they make great content about the art and fashion scene; Paying attention to their content has led me to learn about a bunch of cool galleries and events around town.

San Antonio Fashion Society Christmas Dinner
San Antonio Fashion Society Christmas Dinner


Vanessa Turner, The designer that helped me make my first prototype
Vanessa Turner, The designer that helped me make my first prototype


The first iteration prototype  for my leather notebook cover idea
The first iteration prototype for my leather notebook cover idea


Since I am also interested in photography I went on photo walks with a couple different groups. Photography is an area that is naturally filled with visually creative people. I have met a variety of talented people exploring this space and have even lined up my first two interviews for this blog.There are two different groups that I met up with. Street Keepers and Chasing The Light  . It’s a lot of fun so if you like photography make sure to come out to the next walk.

Chasing the light at the pearl brewery


rose fagan
Rose Fagan, organizer of Chasing The Light


Streek keepers , capturing the essence of downtown.


blue hernandez artist
Blue Hernandez, organizer of Street Keepers


I have sort of just been stumbling around meeting cool people without a clear focus on making content, but now that I have a basic blog up I will probably take a more structured approach to future activities. I will start by interviewing the people I meet and posting about what cool stuff they are working on. I will also post events that I plan to attend.I would really like to surround myself with creative minds which is my primary reason for starting this blog. Stay tuned and hopefully I can provide some value.


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