Hydra Melody To Debut Album ‘Nocturna’ At ‘Two Ten Empire’ At Empire Theatre

SAN ANTONIO, TX – San Antonio indie-rock outfit Hydra Melody are set to make their dashing debut at the ‘Two Ten Empire’ Local Sounds Downtown Concert Series at the Empire Theatre Saturday, July 18. I caught up with the band before rehearsals and sat down with them to talk about their debut album ‘Nocturna’ and about releasing it in a very special way to their home crowd. Hydra Melody is comprised of lead singer Jordan Berlanga, bassist Jason Harari, percussionist Manuel Prince, guitarist Taylor Ferguson, and drummer Matt Gomez.

Berlanga spoke about the immersive writing experience the band endured together putting the final pieces of Nocturna in place and watching the magic as it finally came to be. Berlanga spoke excitedly about the album saying, “We definitely set the bar high for ourselves, we reached it, and we are really really happy with the end result.” Nocturna, an album two years in the making produced by Cartel’s Will Pugh will finally come to fruition and will be played in its entirety for the first time Saturday evening.

The cover art for Nocturna.
The cover art for Nocturna.

Hydra Melody will play in front of their biggest fans, their home crowd right here in San Antonio. Aside from the fans anxiously anticipating their Alamo City return, fans from all over the U.S. are just as excited about Nocturna. Gomez said, “A lot of people from California, Portland, Denver say they wish they could be here to see it, its cool that people also from other states are keeping up with it [the new album] and us.”

On releasing songs to the fans before the debut in San Antonio, Taylor said, “I think it’s a more satisfying experience to see a song you know played live and it’s the same way being on stage, when they know it, it adds an element that is more rewarding.”

Hydra Melody decided to make this a special physical release in San Antonio only, for awesome reasons. Harari said, “Our hometown fans are huge, if not outside of the five members of this band, the biggest part of why we’re able to do what we do, they are our biggest supporters, so if anyone is going to get it early, they should, I hope they know, it’s the biggest way for us to say thank you.”

Don’t miss out on Hydra Melody’s exciting debut of Nocturna Saturday. You can still purchase tickets to see Hydra Melody at Two Ten Empire at the Empire Theatre by clicking here!

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    this is the second installment of the Two Ten Empire concert series. The inaugural show was with Lost Project & Pop Pistol.