Unfiltered Poetic Series ‘Garrett Sanchez – Addiction’

Creative Socialite is proud to unveil its newest series “Unfiltered.” Unfiltered presents a raw and uncensored look into the minds of poets and storytellers from all across San Antonio. The series opens up with eccentric San Antonio native, Garrett Sanchez, and his story about addiction.

Addiction – By Garrett Sanchez


Drugs are nothing…you do not know true addiction until you feel pure true love oozing from your lovers body into yours. With every touch, every kiss, slowly building up every pleasure they have been craving. Once it releases into your own sexual dimension and created just for the moment, you star-crossed lovers mold and bend deeper into each other’s souls and hearts.

Her orgasm is the only reason you dance so well with her. Watching her move to the beat is the biggest foreplay for you. Joining her every move and sharing turns taking over is such a tug of war!

Listening to her laugh reminds you of everytime you hit her peak and watched her slowly come down into bliss as you gently caress her inner thighs, hips, and lips.

Craving for her to get a little upset with you only to see the fire in her eyes. The same fire she had when she said, “sit back daddy, let me take care of you.” The passion, the love, the self confidence in your own realm, and the craving to take care of one another. She shows it all with these intense eyes.

The missing of her entirety next to you. Feeling her presence and yours fill the room. So much, so you start to feel like you are making love to them again. Your lips flow across your arm, your eyes shake at the thought of her curves as you look at your hand in awe, and your fingers reach out to dance around with euphoria.

All you want to do is see how far you can take them, how much your sexual genius can create together, and allowing your body and soul to move on its own with no thought, just appreciation of the art you both are creating.

After she is completely and utterly satisfied.

It’s your turn…

Fuck addiction.


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