Unfiltered Poetic Series, ‘Tell Me A Story – Jenna Sotelo’


Tell Me A Story 

By: Jenna Sotelo

Tell me a story, 
I don’t care if it’s boring,
 If it’s made up, how you were forced to clean up. 
Suit up, how you chose your alliance,
 the violence, how all you ever wanted was silence. 
Everyone wants to reject compliance,
 and prove that this world was created by science.
 Everybody’s story shows that moods change like seasons, 
and things happen for unspoken reasons.
 Everyone wants to have all types of freedom, when all we know in this world is a broken, man-made kingdom. 
All I’m ever looking for is inspiration, 
in this media-obsessed generation.
 When partying is the new sensation,
 and morals are the past, welcoming new creations.
 They’ve taken words out of school and rights to things they can teach,
 forcing a child to fix their speech before they can even reach.
 What’s your story? Have you ever tried bleach? Did your ex’s all leave you because you acted like a leech? Bet your favorite wine is peach, as is mine. I’m not stuck in this cell for a crime .
Tell me a story about how we don’t have freedom of speech .
How we get arrested and tased by cops, some raped and scraped behind shops.
 When will this man-made kingdom stop?
 Maybe when we all drop, when we all take it to the top. 
When we stop the pain, and start thinking with our hearts instead of our brain. Am I going insane?

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