Unfiltered Poetic Series ‘Carmen Ashante – A Sapio’s Request’


A Sapio’s Request

By: Carmen Ashante

I want you to…

Matter of fact, I need you to take me to a place that I’ve never been before

Let’s team up with universe and continue to explore more.

When we look each other in the eyes, I need to know it’s legit

I’ve been waiting all my life to find such a rare connection, and I believe this is it.


My request is that you ferociously phuck my mind until you show up in my dreams

Understand my thoughts; inspire me to be a better me.  


While you stimulate my sapio spirit, make sure to comprehend my value

Respect my flaws, and be please be patient about all the things that I’ve been through


Give me Loyal and Royal treatment, as I am your Queen

And trust me, the love is always reciprocated. For you King, I aim to please.


When we decide to take our relationship to a level of physical intimacy,

I want every single touch of yours to take me to ecstasy.


Palm my breast and nibble my clit; enjoy softness of my skin.

Let’s appreciate each other’s nakedness-not just the outer, but within.


And when you open my “Coochie chakra”, please don’t feel overwhelmed

My juices flow like a never ending waterfall, it will take you to another realm.


Intense Soul sex, that’s what I need

Please keep that in mind while you move your man-hood in and out of me.


Let’s share unfiltered Love, where we both hold nothing back

I can accept a lot of things, but a mediocre partnership, I can’t accept that.


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