K23 Gallery Raises Money Poolside

SAN ANTONIO –  K23 gallery, known as a cultural hub for hosting local art and music, held a fundraiser this past weekend to raise money for improvements to their facilities and organization.

The event was held at a private residence and the community came together to swim, laugh, and dance. South Texas Heritage Pork donated a pig that was roasted by the pool. Chulita Vinyl Club and Alamo City Soul Club provided the vinyl that everyone jammed to.

The event was a success and k23 was able to raise enough money to take care of their busted PA and the electrical issue that caused it. If you missed out on the event here are some cool photos that I snapped while sipping on a cold beer. Make sure to keep an eye on this spot. There are always tons of cool events happening at k23 and I have formed some good memories there. All of us at Creative Socialite are glad to see them still going strong because they provide a lot of value to the city by making it a more interesting place to live.

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