Mackelmore Celebrates The Life Of Jonathan Moore At Neumos

Seattle – Neumos hosted a benefit show for Jonathan Moore this past weekend. Moore impacted the hip-hop community in a way that will resonate and influence artist for decades to come. The artists performing showed their love & respect for Moore and the crowd had a euphoric upbeat energy. It was clear that Moore had impacted every single one of their lives. You could feel his presence in the room.

Local artist Macklemore, Nacho Picasso and Sam Lachow took to the stage along side several other artist to pay tribute and celebrate the life of Jonathan Moore. As each artist took to the stage they each shared just how Moore impacted them personally and their careers and the whole hip-hop community. Performing some of Moore’s classics songs from “Source of Labor”, to some of Moore’s personal favorites of theirs and some of their more popular songs. Every artist, member of Neumos, and the whole community honored and paid their final respect to the celebration of one man’s life that I’m sure made him and his family know how much he was loved, admired and missed; Ensuring his influence will be heard and known for years to come.

Check out some of the photos we captured from the show below:

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